Intent on promoting your business on TikTok? Do you need some evidence to convince yourself or your superior that TikTok is worth investing in?

Insightful statistics on TikTok and the reactions of users and advertisers to the rapidly expanding site will be explored here.

See These Mind-Blowing TikTok Growth Numbers

As of September 2021, TikTok said it had 1 billion monthly active users, up 45 percent from July 2020.

A decade after its inception, in 2012, the Facebook mobile app surpassed 1 billion monthly active users. The video-sharing platform TikTok has accomplished this in just 5 years since its 2016 inception.

Sensor Tower reports that in August 2021, TikTok had over 66 million installations, making it the most popular non-gaming app worldwide. Secondly, with 56 million downloads, was Instagram.

Amount of Time Spent on the Site by Users

TikTok has a large user base, and its users put in significant time each day.

This graph from App Annie’s Evolution of Social Media Applications Report shows the rising popularity of social media apps like Facebook and Instagram by comparing user engagement metrics to those of YouTube.

It’s easy to see that throughout the epidemic, individuals spent even more time than usual on TikTok, which has now even eclipsed YouTube in popularity.

Experts I’ve spoken to from the millennial generation have told me they often sleep through platform updates.

Here’s a look at what individuals do while sharing a TikTok video with their loved ones in the form of a pie chart.

The participation of so many is fascinating. Try to see your consumers using the platform to engage with your company.

How Do Advertisers Use TikTok?

So, what are marketers doing on the site?

They are, of course, collaborating with influencers and making films featuring their own products (InVideo research).

Examine the work of these organisations if you need inspiration.

Retailer and Shopper Confidence

According to data compiled by Kantar, TikTok is the platform where consumers would most want to see advertisements. TikTok, the research claims, has the “most ‘fun and engaging‘ commercials of any site.” Ads that customers may engage with are described as providing a “fantastic” feeling.

According to a WARC research, eighty percent of TikTok users believe the app has inspired them to try new businesses and products.

An overwhelming majority (71%) of TikTok users agree that the app improves their sense of connection to cultural phenomena such as memes and challenges.

Optimism Among Marketers

Kantar polled one thousand marketers on their opinion of various platforms about their level of innovation and reliability. The majority of marketers consider TikTok to be innovative, yet they still prefer to use more conventional forms of internet advertising, as seen in the following pie chart.

Even though it’s an innovative platform, many marketers are hesitant to adopt it.

Those that act quickly may gain a competitive advantage.

According to the WARC report, the most successful brands and artists on TikTok are those that best represent how users perceive the app. The best qualities are listed below.

This might be the next marketing channel for your company if those are the values you’re trying to promote.