Marketing your company on TikTok, you’re definitely curious about how to get more views and followers. How do you increase your TikTok popularity and fan base? Relatedly, what strategies might be implemented to increase initial content discovery? To successfully promote your company on TikTok, you must have a firm grasp on the platform’s underlying algorithm.

To what algorithm does TikTok adhere?

User-specific content suggestions are generated using the TikTok algorithm. Depending on the user’s preferences, the service will recommend videos to be shown on the For You page.

This means that each user’s For You page is uniquely tailored to them. What appears on your For You page will be different from what appears on the For You page of a friend or coworker. Someone who frequently views tutorials on how to apply cosmetics will logically be shown more suggestions for similar videos. Yet, a person whose primary interests lie in sports and video games will see very few of these films in their recommendations.

The algorithm behind TikTok: how does it function?

You might be wondering how TikTok decides on the videos to suggest. When determining which videos a user would enjoy, the TikTok algorithm takes into account a number of different characteristics.

What follows is a discussion of the most crucial TikTok ranking elements that determine which videos appear on your For You page:

Interactions with the user interface and behavioural cues

TikTok takes users’ actions within the app very seriously. By collecting and analysing this data, the platform may learn more about its users’ individual tastes and how those tastes evolve over time. It then assigns a ranking to each movie depending on how well it corresponds to these behavioural signals.

The following are major data signals that the TikTok algorithm takes into account:

  • Likes and shares on videos
  • Afterwards, the accounts
  • Video production and commenting are both up for business.
  • YouTube clips that are favourites
  • There are indicators for the device and the account.

As part of its optimization process, TikTok inspects each user’s device and account settings. The primary pieces of data it considers are:

  • Geographical Locations
  • Preferences in Language
  • Choice of Category Based on Device Type
  • Here are 6 ways to optimise your videos for the TikTok algorithm.

By considering these indicators of ranking, it’s possible to deduce that increasing engagement is the most effective strategy for “hacking” the system. If your business is new to the platform and you’re still trying to grow your audience, this may seem like a daunting task.

Put your best foot forward in the initial few seconds.

TikTok places a premium on things like whether or not viewers stuck around to the end of your video. So, you should produce interesting material if you want more people to view your movies from beginning to end. To achieve this, you need to hook them within the first few seconds of the video so they continue watching.

That means cutting out the boring setup and getting to the meat of the matter in the first two to three seconds.

Consider using shorter video lengths

Video length on TikTok has recently been increased to 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the TikTok algorithm may not reward you more for lengthier videos. It was indicated previously that the algorithm places a high value on the percentage of videos that are seen to completion. Now, compare the likelihood that someone will watch a 15-second video to that of someone watching a 10-minute video.

Make an effort to produce more succinct and interesting videos that will hold the attention of the audience throughout.

Third, update at the appropriate time

Time is of the importance on TikTok, just as it is on other social networks. Your video’s engagements are one factor the algorithm considers when determining its ranking. That is to say, if your video has a lot of likes and comments, it will more likely be shown on the For You pages of related individuals. In order to increase your profile’s exposure, you should encourage as much interaction as possible within the first few minutes after publishing.

Embrace the hottest music and make it your own

If you’re looking for a site where music and other noises can go viral quickly, go no further than TikTok. Moreover, it is one of the few social networks that supports audio-based searches. It should come as no surprise, then, that the music you utilise impacts the discoverability of your films.

The TikTok algorithm will take a user’s interest in a video with a particular soundtrack as a signal to suggest similar videos.

Up your #hashtag game, number 5

The use of hashtags is not limited to social media platforms like Instagram. TikTok’s technology reads hashtags to determine a video’s subject and place it in a relevant category. That’s why you need to employ brand and video-specific hashtags if you want your videos to be seen to the correct people on TikTok.

Create captions that are keyword-rich

Captions can be brief or left blank if desired, but they’re more effective when they contribute something meaningful to the overall picture. To help the TikTok algorithm interpret your video, be sure to include descriptive captions that are specific to the action being depicted.

Use this to your advantage by using relevant keywords about the video. This will help TikTok better interpret the video’s context and provide it to the appropriate viewers.

Successfully become a viral TikTok star

If you want the TikTok algorithm to favour your content, interaction is key. Follow our advice to increase your platform’s exposure and activity. If you’re just getting started with the site, you might find our manual on running social media campaigns useful.