Some social media managers’ sanity may depend on the availability of a social media scheduling tool.

Just picture yourself having to manage multiple social media accounts and pages, copying and pasting information from a spreadsheet, checking it twice, and then getting the content approved by your superiors.

The good news is that it’s less of a bother these days. Every marketer today needs to have a social media scheduling tool in their toolkit. It serves a purpose in:

Create and revise blog posts

Share your content on multiple platforms.
Plan your content ahead of time.
Get buy-in from key players by pinging them.
Here are the top 10 social media scheduling tools to help you make the most of your social media marketing in 2018.

Among the top brand-tracking sites

The social media posts and campaigns you run can now be scheduled, edited, previewed, and published with the help of our convenient scheduling tool.
Thanks to the Publish tool, we now have a consolidated view of all of the content that has been published or is scheduled to be published across all of our channels. Manager of Global Social Media at Momondo, Katie C.

To begin with, it is unnecessary to gather your staff in a large conference room to coordinate your schedule. Brandwatch’s approval flows facilitate team harmony, cross-channel campaign collaboration, and consistent, high-quality content.
It also allows you to share tasks and notes with your team members and assign them specific roles to play in making sure your high-quality content is published when you expect it to be.

Within Brandwatch’s suite, you can make Facebook and Instagram ads (including carousel ads), publish them, and promote them. You can save time, get better results from your advertising dollars, and identify your most successful content in this way.
Keep your social media posts branded consistently. Our Content Pool feature is perfect for this exact situation.

Our Content Pool is a central repository for all of your company’s published content and inventory, making it available to all of your markets and teams.

Through the Content Pool, you can distribute your best written, visual, or auditory works to other regional markets or keep them in reserve for future use.
Brandwatch has received praise from businesses of all sizes for making it simple to organise, share, and analyse their social media activity.

Brandwatch is the social media management tool that actually makes social media management… manageable! Everything about them, from the quality of the product to the responsiveness of the support staff, has been excellent. The author, Jerri H. Digital, is the marketing strategy director at HarperCollins.

Schedule sharing tool CoSchedule

CoSchedule’s integrated marketing calendar is your secret weapon for planning and coordinating marketing activities with others.

You know as social media marketers that nothing stays the same for very long. There’s always room on social media for something new to happen, whether it’s a last-minute tweet or a major announcement. You need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in plans during this time.

Here’s where CoSchedule comes in handy

With CoSchedule, you can easily move around your content’s publication dates. Just move things around on the calendar using drag and drop.

With CoSchedule, you can share your progress with superiors by giving them a bird’s-eye view of everything you’re working on in one readable view.

And if you want to keep your blog posts scheduled and published in one place, CoSchedule has a special blog calendar for you to use.

Agorapulse, No. 3

In order to be successful with social media, your content’s publication time is crucial. Thanks to Agorapulse’s extensive publishing features, it’s simple to release content at optimal times to maximise return on investment.

Using the tool’s “schedule again” function, you can set up content to be released at a specific time in the future. To top it all off, you can set a repeating schedule for your content to be published at any time interval and frequency of your choosing.

Wait until you try Agorapulse’s feature that lets you organise and store an unlimited number of queued posts according to specific themes if, like me, you get a kick out of categorising your social media calendar. This effectively eliminates the need to repeatedly copy and paste the same content onto multiple social media accounts.
Agorapulse also features a shared content calendar that facilitates client-agency collaboration on social media content creation. Clients can now quickly and easily review the content you’ve scheduled for them, and either accept it, reject it, or provide feedback.

In order to: 4.

You can use Buffer to manage your brand’s social media accounts and collaborate with your team to produce engaging, consistent content—all without leaving the platform.
Using the Publish function of the platform, scheduling social media posts is a breeze. In order to fine-tune your social media strategy, the platform allows you to schedule posts in advance and monitor their efficacy. For companies to monitor the success of their content, Buffer’s integrated channel analytics are a great feature.

Buffer is a web and mobile app that helps Instagram marketers schedule and organise their Stories with visual calendars and reminders. When it is time to share, you will get a push notification on your phone.

Sensible 5

Time savings and simplified publishing are two of the main benefits shared by all social media scheduling tools.

By automatically optimising posts for each of your client’s social media channels, Sendible streamlines the social media publishing process.

One Last Thing

Managing multiple social media accounts for a brand necessitates a more robust solution, and this is precisely where the advantages of social media scheduling tools over native tools shine.

Each of the ten resources we discussed here has unique capabilities that will improve your productivity and help you connect with others. In light of your goals and available funds, this article should guide you towards the social media optimization tool that best fits your needs.