Are people responding to your social media posts? Here are some of the most effective campaigns that you may model your own efforts after.

Marketers would do well to take note of the various new social media channels that are appearing. Digital marketers may now more effectively reach their intended demographics thanks to these innovative new platforms. TikTok, for instance, is gaining eight new users each second and is currently the most downloaded app in the world.

Other new platforms, such as Twitch and Discord, are gaining traction and might be useful additions to your marketing arsenal. While some networks may have a smaller user base than others, they are useful for focused advertising due to their concentration on specific niches. For instance, there are many players on each of these platforms.

You need to interact with your target demographic and hold their attention regardless of the medium you choose. In this post, we’ll look at eight recent campaigns to provide you ideas for your own brand’s advertising.

Campaign called Re: Make by TikTok

TikTok’s Re: Make campaign launched in July 2021 and encouraged users to recreate some of the platform’s most viral advertising over the last several years. Adapting well-known ads into TikTok videos was the plan all along.

Skittles, Snickers, and Old Spice were the first companies to join the Re: Make project. TikTok was able to keep in touch with these major corporations, which will come in handy for future Re: Make initiatives. The amount of user-generated material increased dramatically, too. The campaign was initiated by TikTok, and its users took it from there.

The genius of Re: Make was that it transformed TikTok from a marketplace for cutting-edge content into a temporary incubator for fresh takes on ’90s and ’00s nostalgia.

The ad was successful because it used the comfort of nostalgia in tandem with a rapidly rising platform like TikTok. This demonstrates that recycled material can still have a significant effect.

BETC’s “Rebuild the World with LEGO” campaign

In 2021, the firm will launch a new Rebuild the World ad campaign called “The Damp Knight,” which will honour youngsters for their natural talent for coming up with novel solutions to problems. The advertisement showcases the power of people working together to address issues and overcome obstacles.

The commercial uses a tried-and-true formula in which the protagonist (the Damp Knight) tries to win over the audience by telling them about his journey across the river to visit his friend the bear. However, the problem is overcome when individuals from many professions band together to aid the knight.

The Augmented Reality Offering at Starbucks

The first Starbucks store to provide an augmented reality (AR) experience was located in Shanghai. Customers can gain access to this feature by installing a special app. They may use their phones as a tour guide by pointing them at different parts of the roaster, such as the barrel, which will then show further information. Clients can wander around and earn digital badges. After placing a purchase, clients will have access to a unique roastery-themed social media filter.

A fresh brand experience was a priority for us,” said Emily Chang, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Starbucks China. Even before you take that first drink, coffee is an incredibly multisensory experience, from the smell of freshly roasted beans to the sound of a coffee grinder, and finally to the taste of your favourite mix. We wanted to improve upon it for our patrons.

Through this marketing, something commonplace is made extraordinary and engaging. You may boost sales with a campaign that takes use of both modern technology and the reliability of your product.

Coke’s ad campaign in the virtual world

The metaverse is an online community where individuals may have fun, get their job done, and make new friends. Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) are among those that have made significant financial commitments to the expansion of the metaverse.

Coca-Cola is capitalising on the millennial generation’s insatiable appetite for all things virtual by releasing a new zero-sugar beverage called “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte,” which it claims will “bring the flavour of pixels to life.” Before hitting shelves, this beverage will make its debut in the metaverse.

The novel method of advertising is paying off, with revenue per launch up 30% and gross profit up 25% over the prior year.

The success of Coca-Cola’s campaign proves that technology will always play a pivotal part in cutting-edge advertising strategies. Coca-Cola has successfully integrated technology, creativity, marketing, and product development to boost the returns on its campaigns by appealing to its millennial customers and disrupting the industry.

Campaign on Twitch by Hershey

Games, entertainment, sports, music, and more can all be seen live and interacted with on Twitch. It was in 2019 when Hershey’s first promoted themselves on Twitch. They sponsored Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar, Ben, and “DrLupo” Lupo, and ran video commercials on Twitch itself, as well as during TwitchCon.

Hershey’s has lately maintained its collaboration with Twitch to advertise their Oh Henry! They aim to elevate the brand’s profile such that it is gamers’ go-to munchie. Bits, a virtual currency that Twitch viewers may use to tip broadcasters and get access to premium services, are included with every purchase of an Oh Henry! Level up bar.

In the words of The Hershey Company’s director of marketing, Kaetlyn Graham: “Since Twitch reaches a highly engaged target and enables on-pack branding and video advertising, the partnership just made sense.”

Hershey’s has successfully identified the demographic of consumers they wish to appeal to and the medium through which they may do it. Communities on platforms like Twitch may be an incredible boon to your brand’s growth and promotion efforts.