The most effective social media management systems cut costs and boost efficiency. You may improve your brand’s visibility by putting your social media strategy on autopilot. To aid you in your social media marketing endeavours, I have compiled a list of the top social media marketing tools.

We’ll Start with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is fantastic since it offers a variety of flexible plan choices that can be tailored to the specific demands of your business, no matter its size. The monthly fee drops to $20 if you’re the lone user and have less than 10 social media profiles.

No other tools or services will be required to track how many people saw your posts and how many people interacted with them. You can see how successful each post was on each platform, which is useful for calculating your social return on investment.

Tools included into Hootsuite allow you to maintain tabs on your team and ensure that everyone is pulling their weight. It’s easy to tell who on your team is getting things done quickly and who may need some training wheels.


MeetEdgar is a tool you may use if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your social media pages.

In the event that you eventually run out of fresh content to submit, the programme will automatically begin recycling older content from your queue.


Buffer, like many other social media management software, lets you schedule posts across many networks simultaneously. Nevertheless, Buffer’s mobile app is what truly sets it apart.

Whether using public transportation, such as a train, bus, metro, or in the back of an Uber, you may use the Buffer app on your smartphone. In between appointments, reaching for your phone is considerably more convenient than reaching for your PC.

You can monitor user interaction using Buffer’s built-in analytics and visual reporting.


As compared to the other marketing solutions we’ve looked at, Buzzsumo stands out.

The programme sifts through user data to find relevant influencers that can help spread the word about your product.


If you’re searching for a centralised hub to handle all of your social media accounts, Sprout Social is another excellent option.

Okay, Post

Oktopost is unlike the other tools I’ve mentioned so far because it was created with B2B businesses in mind.

Brand exposure to hundreds of thousands of social media pages may not be necessary for your business or sector. A small number of new customers each year might be all that’s needed to skyrocket a company’s profits.


When it comes to marketing, IFTTT is like a Swiss army knife: incredibly useful for a wide variety of purposes. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything to access any of its features.

These are helpful reminders that may also reveal important performance patterns, allowing you to assess whether or not your efforts are yielding positive outcomes.


There will be no reversal of the growing visual emphasis in social media. There is a general increase in interaction with posts that include images across all social media platforms.

A Post-Planner

The Facebook-compatible Post Planner app is a useful tool. The goal of this tool is to facilitate the efficient and timely scheduling of Facebook postings.

Its exclusivity to Facebook is both a weakness and a virtue. If that’s all you do, Facebook may be the most useful resource there is. However if you want to focus on other networks instead of or in addition to Facebook, you should use a service like Buffer or Edgar.

The Bundlepost

All of the main social networks are supported, and you can plan posts in advance with Bundlepost.


Finding social mentions as they occur is a challenging aspect of administering a social media campaign.

You can only react to a social mention if you are made aware of it. That opens the door for you to:

  • In the end, it’s important to address any concerns or bad feedback you may have received.
  • Increase the volume of compliments
  • To increase your visibility, network with people who are talking about you.
  • Find untapped markets for future advertising initiatives.


Most social media advertising plans include influencers heavily. Connecting with them, building rapport, and encouraging them to spread the word about your work are typical objectives.

Tagging Board

Marketers have a vested interest in being present on social media in order to keep an eye out for any mentions of their brands or chances to engage with their respective audiences. One method to avoid worrying about passing up such opportunities is with the use of tagboard.