Want to know how to upload several pictures to Instagram at once? To that end, so do the vast majority of content producers.

Instagram posts with many images or videos in a carousel tend to receive more likes, comments, and shares than those with just one, and this trend has persisted throughout the years. Thus, we have you covered if you haven’t yet incorporated carousels into your Instagram content strategy.

A carousel on Instagram: what’s the deal?

Instagram carousels let you publish numerous photos or videos in a single post instead of creating multiple posts for each individual image.

When creating an Instagram carousel, how many photographs may you include? A user may publish up to 10 photographs or videos on Instagram at once, and followers can swipe left or right to view them all.

Which photos you see in the gallery after the first one you select. If your photographs are of the same dimensions, your carousel should work fine; otherwise, you may need to adjust some of them.

If you’re planning on using a carousel on Instagram, it’s a good idea to edit all of the photographs using the same Instagram Photoshop actions to ensure that they all have a consistent aesthetic.

Toggle Carousels on Instagram and Spark Interest

Is interaction higher with carousel posts?

Well, sure. Instagram carousel posts get more likes and comments than any other kind of post. In fact, a recent study showed that Instagram posts with many photographs fared better than those with only one or two. These findings are based on an examination of over 22 million posts and almost 3 million carousel posts.

Using a variety of media types in your carousel results are increase in engagement. Multi-video content often generates a greater engagement rate than multi-photo material, but only if your company doesn’t wish to mix the content kinds.

How come Instagram carousels get so many more likes and comments?

The truth is that everything comes down to intrigue and focus. Having extra slides helps pique the interest of your viewers. This encourages customer to scroll through your carousel and read more about the topic you’re addressing.

Try trying a call-to-action that suggests exploration by the reader, such as “Swipe left to find out more.” As each slide presents potential fresh information of interest, it can also maintain their attention for longer.

Even if you have a lot of photographs and videos on your Instagram profile, it won’t be enough to increase interaction. Quality material is also required for making excellent Instagram carousels. In order to maintain consistency with the rest of your Instagram style, it is important that each slide has the same layout and design.

Planning Instagram Carousels for Maximum Exposure and Interaction
Instagram carousels need to be accompanied with a content strategy that details how you’ll get your posts in front of your intended audience.

Use an Instagram scheduler to plan out your content’s production, distribution, and tracking.

Go on Instagram and start posting many images and videos.

These days, it’s common practise to showcase items using a carousel of related images. In addition, you may conduct before-and-after articles in one post and even give instructions.