While it may feel like Instagram rolls out new features on a weekly basis, just a fraction of those features actually matter for company profiles. You’ll soon discover that new face filters and stickers on the story don’t do much to bring in new visitors to your page when you learn how to expand your Instagram followers organically. However, major revisions might open up a wealth of promotional opportunities for companies like yours.

Instagram has always been a fantastic platform for learning about new companies, musicians, and influencers, as well as any service you can think of. In the past, however, we had to either go in search of such accounts or hope that they would be mentioned in a post that would appear in our feed.

The ‘Explore’ option has been popular for years as a place to find interesting posts from individuals you don’t already follow. This innovative method of browsing material has been quite useful in drawing attention to less frequented pages.

Instagram’s development team has just recently experimented with adding parts of the ‘Explore’ function to the main feed. This implies that content from accounts that the user does not follow will start to appear in their main feed. Users may have first been wary of this update, but the promotional possibilities of the “Recommended for You” posts are too great to ignore.

Inspiring But Irrational

In most cases, a single employee is in charge of a company’s social media accounts, despite that person having a seemingly endless list of other duties. Thus, there is little time to waste on aimlessly exploring the millions of hidden accounts that might provide fertile ground for your brand’s ingenuity.

‘Recommended for You’ posts are clearly labelled as such and show in clusters of five on your home feed rather than interspersed with your normal postings. The Instagram team is so smart that they ensured these recommendations are based only on the profiles you follow and interact with.

Despite its reputation as one of the most pervasive time wasters of our generation, Instagram has emerged as an irrefutable source of innovative ideas.

Promotion With Little Effort

You’ll start to see a pattern after a few of these posts show up in your feed: they’re all from popular accounts that you ended up following and engaging with. This is Instagram’s approach of “rewarding” successful business accounts and introducing them to potential new customers.

Even though you probably don’t know when your posts appear in someone else’s feed, this is something to strive for if you’re wondering how to gain organic traction on Instagram.

Take advantage of each chance to advertise your website without going overboard. One wonderful example of this is getting your brand included on the Explore page or in Recommended for You articles.

Possibile Social Interactions

This idea of working together with different creatives, such as artists, designers, or companies, is now trending on social media. In addition to Instagram’s usefulness as a platform for fostering connections between people with same interests, the ‘Recommended for You’ feature has the potential to boost inspiration.

Since photographs are the most common kind of content published to Instagram, the service has helped thousands of photographers and models land jobs. Until you have anything concrete to show for your Instagram marketing efforts, it can be hard to evaluate their value.

In today’s interconnected world, the influence of social media cannot be overstated. There is always something to learn from another successful account, no matter where your brand is in its development.

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