Instagram is adding an algorithm and reducing its excellent reach and engagement. This does not, however, imply that you have lost out on the numerous prospects provided by the social networking platform. Benefits for using the platform to advertise your company are also provided by the adjustments.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now, with 300 million monthly active users. User numbers are increasing, in contrast to Twitter, which appears to be declining. Posts on the network typically receive high levels of engagement; 2.5 billion photographs are liked every day. More than 4% of followers interacted with a brand’s postings on Instagram, compared to less than 0.1% on Facebook, according to Forrester study from the end of 2014. It’s estimated that engagement on Instagram is currently up to 10 times higher than engagement on Facebook and 84 times higher than engagement on Twitter.

Why is interaction in this channel so much higher?

Instagram offers a lot less clutter than other social media sites, so that could be the reason. Compared to the noise of Twitter or Facebook, Instagram has significantly less content and is much less in your line of sight. There is a younger fan base as well, and this group uses social media successfully.

Many of Instagram’s strongest supporters and most active users are exiles from Facebook, where they grew weary of the barrage of drivel in their feed and the abuse of their space by unwanted posts. Instagram acts as a sort of safe haven from that. Instagram is more fun and requires less of its users because everything tends to look good there. It is being used by several celebrities to foster a genuine sense of closeness with their followers.

Best Tools

Instagram is renowned for providing built-in tools and filters to enhance the appearance of your pictures. Utilise these; but, don’t be scared to add more tools as well. They are all excellent. Photoshop is the undisputed king of image editing programmes, but it is an expensive bundle.

With Pixlr, Gimp, and other well-known photo-editing programmes, you can achieve good results. These enable you to edit pictures by cropping them and adding filters and masks. If image editing isn’t your strong suit, you may find someone to perform simple photo editing for you using websites like Fiverr and

Utilising is another great suggestion. With the help of the handy web application Canva, you can publish photographs to your feed that have been cropped to the ideal sizes for social media networks like Instagram. These tools also enable you to add text to photographs, which are frequently shared on Instagram. Play around with them to find out what works best for your business.

No Free Rides Anymore

Sadly, Instagram no longer provides the same free ride that it did in the past. It’s likely that organic reach is currently being throttled after previously being the top avenue for free organic reach and engagement. Since Forrester measured engagement at the end of 2014, it has decreased and is currently more comparable to 2% than 4%. Since Facebook invested in the company, an algorithm danger is approaching, and you won’t be able to expect that all of your postings will reach all of your followers. We anticipate with confidence that Instagram will soon become a pay-to-play network, similar to Facebook. But don’t give up! Even today, Instagram has fantastic prospects for your company.

Acquiring Links

The inability to embed a link in a post has historically been one of the greatest complaints about Instagram. Instead, businesses have discovered workarounds that let them point their followers to the primary link in their bio. Users have grown accustomed to this, but the introduction of Instagram advertising will help alleviate this annoyance by making it possible for the channel to drive traffic to your website.

Instagram advertising

Instagram employs the same ad technologies as Facebook, so you won’t need to learn a new system if you now advertise on Facebook. In fact, you may use Facebook’s ad network to advertise on Instagram even if you don’t have a profile there.

Instagram has allowed advertising since September, and you’ve undoubtedly already noticed some adverts snuck into your stream. In addition, if you aren’t already an Instagram user, you should spend some time exploring the app from a user’s perspective before using it to market your company. Instagram posts can now contain links, however you will still need to pay for this feature, so you can use it to drive traffic to your website.

A call to action button, like “shop now” or “sign up,” is present in the advertisements. You can entice viewers to download your app or watch your movie using the ad alternatives. Don’t forget to include UTM tracking so you can monitor Instagram traffic on your website and use Google Analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.


Instagram has traditionally been viewed as a way to promote your brand rather than as a direct sales channel or traffic driving tool due to the platform’s constraints, however this is changing now. Watching Instagram to see what new features it introduces in the near future is definitely worthwhile. Remember that this channel still has high activity, so take use of this opportunity to check out Instagram and the results you can get from running advertisements there.