Since Instagram abandoned the chronological feed in 2016, marketers and artists are continuously at odds with the Instagram algorithm in an effort to be seen by more people.
According to Instagram’s Creators account, “after transitioning to a ranked feed, the typical post is now viewed by 50 percent more followers than it did with the chronological approach.”

We’ll leave it up to you to determine if that’s true.

The most unjust aspect of the change is that even followers who have actively chosen to follow you will not see your posts if they do not frequently engage with them.

This post will go over numerous methods you may use to boost your Instagram ER.

Methods for Determining Instagram Engagement

Knowing how to calculate engagement will allow you to gauge whether or not your Instagram profile is receiving the attention it deserves. Instagram engagement rate is a crucial indicator of how well (or poorly) your material is received by your audience. Several methods exist for doing the math.

Determine Your Instagram’s Overall Engagement Rate
A simple way to determine an account’s ER is to multiply one’s total number of responses (likes and comments) by one’s total number of followers and then divide that amount by 100.

Efficiency Ratio = (Likes + Comments) / Total Followers * 100%
To further complicate matters, some people add sharing and saving to responses and then use the algorithm with those variables.

A Guide to Getting More Likes and Comments on Instagram

You should know that the engagement rate (ER) will naturally decrease as the number of your followers increases before you put in any effort to boost it. Improvements to the ER can be made at any time.

Methods for Getting More Likes and Comments on Instagram

Several strategies are effective for use with various accounts. But, we have compiled some broad tips that can help you increase your Instagram following.

Enhance the quality of your content and try new things with it

Naturally, your audience’s lack of interest is a contributing factor to your poor ER. You may prevent this by experimenting with other types of content, such as adding fascinating tales with stickers, shooting Reels, making viral challenges, compiling your posts into Instagram Guides, making relevant memes, and writing insightful captions that people want to keep.

In order to capture the attention of your audience, your material must be both informative and engaging.

Also, keep tabs on which material is most successful and ditch the ones that didn’t. Use Instagram Insights to see how well your posts are doing.

Create More Video Game Reels

Instagram Reels is the most popular new feature on the app, and it may help you get more likes, comments, and follows than ever before.

Take a peek at these intriguing numbers from Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels videos receive 67% more likes, comments, and shares than regular Instagram videos.
Video is a weekly staple for 9 out of 10 Instagram users.
Instagram is always improving Reels by introducing additional options for editing, transitions, effects, filters, and more.

Also, you may collaborate with other users in Reels to produce Remixes, which will expose your account to the person in question’s audience.

Find Out When Instagram Users Are Most Active

There’s little chance that you’ll be able to post material daily at the same moment that your whole audience is online, but you can learn when that audience is most likely to be online by analysing their online behaviour.

Evaluate the People Who Are Now Seeing Your Content

Your Instagram ER will suffer if the majority of your followers are bots, mass followers, celebs, Instagram retailers, or anybody else who has nothing to do with your account.

It is obvious that you need to get rid of such phantom supporters. It’s easy to do using Combin Growth; just stop following accounts that contain users who aren’t likely to become customers.

Identify whether your post-engagement rate, reach, or ER-by-reach needs to be improved.

The answer varies slightly depending on how low the reach is. Targeted advertising, influencer marketing, and engaging with your intended but unengaged audience are all good ways to do this.

If your ERR is low, it’s likely that people are seeing your content but choosing not to engage with it.

Share Your Message and Engage Your Viewers

In their haste to create and distribute content, many brands overlook this crucial step. Always remember to interact with your fans by answering their comments and queries in your posts and private messages. If you want to encourage them, you may like and comment on their own postings. Choose some of your followers at random and engage with their posts by like or commenting. They can’t help but notice you.

Why Your Instagram Posts Aren’t Getting Any Likes?

Likes, comments, SFS, “like for like,” and other such activities won’t be enough to bring down the ER.

Bots, mass followers who don’t see your content in their feeds, and uninteresting and generic offers can hurt your engagement rate by attracting individuals who aren’t interested in you as a brand or creator but follow you for the freebie. If these people stick around after the contest is over, they will become “ghost followers” who don’t engage with your posts.

Which Engagement Strikes the Right Balance?

It really is account specific. For instance, an ER of 10-15% is common for accounts between $1,000 and $3,000. It’s natural, though, for the ER to decline along with the account balance. This unfolds in a natural way.

This explains why even pages with a lot of followers on Instagram typically only get a couple percent of their followers actively involved. Most accounts with a million or more followers have a follower engagement rate of 3% or less. That’s not tragic at all.