More than 300 million people throughout the world use Instagram as of 2017. The expansion has been so consistent and large that it has overtaken Twitter. Approximately 70 million photographs are uploaded every day, with 2.5 million receiving likes. Research shows that young women (aged 18-34) make up the majority of users. This should not be taken as a sign of disdain if you find that your brand needs a more diversified audience. The participation of more mature demographics, including males, can only be good news for all brands.

Instagram users are very engaged in followers the news of their favourite companies, which presents new possibilities for social media marketers. The success of “Craft Marketing” may be seen in a wide variety of artistic fields. This article offers a comprehensive guide to brand promotion (financial investment is not always necessary).

A Powerful Hashtag Is Something You Should Know:

One of the best things about learning how to use a hashtag is that you can put that knowledge to use on any social media platform, not just Instagram. Instagram serves as a great platform for company promotion and direct customer interaction. Take Nike’s social media campaigns; they’re always running and always get a massive amount of attention. It’s reasonable that not every business will attract the same kind of customer base that Nike does, but it doesn’t mean that smaller brands can’t succeed. Success is almost guaranteed for brands that use widely used catchphrases as hashtags. Using hashtags to organise and track competitions during the event keeps followers actively involved.

Spread the word about your company everywhere you can:

This is an obvious point that bears restating. Instagram is just another social media platform that should be used. Icons or links on brand pages elsewhere should connect all the social media handles. Additionally, the company will benefit from promotion in front of an exclusive audience. Think about who can have a good impact on your brand and conduct the campaigns among them: ambassadors, partners, workers, etc. Create hashtags pertinent to the purpose of your marketing campaign and use these channels to spread the word about your brand.

You should also require, or at least encourage, your staff to engage with customers and prospects on social media in order to boost brand awareness. Add your business cards and LinkedIn profile to your Instagram profile. Always be on the lookout for new strategies to expand and maintain your Instagram fan base.

Make Use Of Instagram’s Marketing Features:

Instagram’s primary goal since its inception has been to provide the best possible user experience. Options to enhance your audiance, new iterations of Google’s algorithms, and the ability to monitor progress are just a few examples of the rapid rate at which things are evolving. It is suggested that the marketing group be cognizant of the following: Instagram is geared towards a young demographic and the culture of the platform is constantly evolving. Only with unwavering focus on these groups can advertising hope to achieve any level of success. Businesses and marketing departments will find the platform useful as well. Instagram has also unveiled a suite of tools for marketers to employ in order to assess the efficacy of the posts in question. Most of these resources are free of charge, however a few need payment. Advertisements that cost money can be a great bonus. While not flawless, many of these resources are simple and appealing.

Determine the Value of Your Brand:

Instagram may not be the best choice for marketing purposes for many business-to-business enterprises. The reason is because most of their products and services are unattractive, and some of the ones that are are intangible. Brands that offer software will not be as well received as those that sell food or clothing. However, there are a plethora of additional options for reaching your target demographic. Consider snapping pictures around the office to offer viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to work there. Create a group of dedicated workers that share your excitement about reaching your target market effectively.

Marketing on Instagram is taking off all over the world. Why aren’t you on Instagram yet? It seems like every other company does.