There are currently 25 million Instagram accounts that are used for business. You can imagine, then, how much stress and competitiveness all brands feel on the site. They need to come up with new Instagram content all the time that will captivate their audience.

Having a significant Instagram presence is difficult for many brands. They struggle to think of content that will captivate their audience and keep them coming back for more.

Here are six Instagram post inspirations to help you create engaging content for your feed.

Work with influential people

Working with popular Instagram users is a great strategy to attract more followers.

Influencers who produce authentic, interesting, and amusing content should be sought out. Then work together to develop and disseminate original concepts for Instagram posts. You may expand your audience and fan base with the help of this content.

Give your followers a glimpse of the process behind the scenes

Sharing photos and videos from behind-the-scenes with your fans is another great approach to liven up your feed. Put a face on your company. They will be quite impressed with your company’s culture and methods of operation.

They will begin to trust you more if you remove the corporate mask and let them see the real you.

Do you want to hear a thrilling story? You don’t need to spend as much time perfecting and editing these shots as you would with your other photography. This will aid in maintaining the authenticity of your photographs.

Use Video to Tell Your Tales

Short original videos can replace static visuals. Creating a series of short, engaging films is a great approach to get people interested in what you have to say.

The best thing about videos is that they can be used to convey messages powerfully and effectively.

A NewsWhip analysis found that video had a considerably greater engagement rate than photographs do. From 2016 to 2017, the engagement rate for videos increased by almost 50%. However, just 46% of photo posts were interacted with.

As a result, it’s evident that videos are more popular than images. More people will watch and interact with a video if it is entertaining, informative, and original.

To generate more ideas for Instagram posts

Maintaining a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram profile is crucial. One of the best methods to create a captivating Instagram feed is through maintaining consistency.

You should also limit your Instagram profile to no more than two filters total. Edit all of your photographs with these filters. However, you shouldn’t choose those filters based on your own preferences alone. Your brand’s aesthetic, values, and image should be reflected in these.

You need to come up with a look that’s all your own and fits in with the overall aesthetic of your brand.

Make use of content created by users

Instagram engagement can be increased by the reuse of user-created content (UGC). People are more likely to believe their peers than they are to believe advertisements or brand claims.

Don’t discount user-generated content’s impact; rather, harness its potential. Your ideal clients will take notice of the candid reviews left by your current ones. It’s a type of “social proof” that verifies the reliability of your product or service and increases sales.

In addition, it shows that you care about your audience and are making an effort to interact with them. It’s a great technique to subtly spread brand awareness.

Make Use of Trending Hashtags

Promoting and growing your brand’s visibility on Instagram relies on your use of appropriate hashtags.

You should only make sure that the hashtags are amusing, approachable, and appropriate for your business and content. Avoid using convoluted or otherwise incomprehensible hashtags.

One popular fitness brand, My Protein, successfully combines generic and topical hashtags. The screenshot below demonstrates how basic and original their hashtags are.

Final Reflections

Every day, more and more companies start Instagram business accounts. There is intense rivalry for people’s time and attention. It’s crucial to consistently come up with, develop, and share fresh content for your Instagram account. Allot a substantial amount of time each week for this